Unreserved Ticketing System

Have you been standing in long queue just for booking your unreserved train tickets (local train tickets ) ?

Then you might not be aware of this application called UTS (Unreserved Ticketing System).This is an Indian railway initiative to encourage cashless economy. This application allows the passengers to book paperless as well as paper tickets,season tickets and platform ticket.

It is available for android , windows phone and iOS . The iOS compatibility was added recently.

How to get started with the app?

Android users can download the app by clicking here

After installing the application follow the steps listed below

Step 1 :


This is the page you will see when you open the app. You need to register yourself with your mobile number by clicking on the signup button where you will have to enter your personal details.


This is how the signup page looks like.After completing the registration login with your mobile number and the password.

Step 2 :


After you login this page will be displayed. To proceed with the booking process click on the book ticket button. Before that you must ensure that you have a minimum of 100 Rupees in your R- wallet. In order to recharge your R-wallet , click on the R-wallet option shown above and then using debit/credit card you can recharge your wallet.


Step 3 :


When you click the book ticket option the following page will be displayed which allows you to book a season ticket,platform ticket or a normal ticket. Quick booking enables you to entire your regular source and destination so that you need not enter it every time you book.

Step 4 :


You can book either paper or paperless ticket.

In order to procure a paperless ticket you need to be atleast a km away from the railway tracks. It uses your phone’s GPS to locate you and thus restrains you from booking a ticket if your within the station premises.Once booked, you cannot cancel a paperless ticket.

A paper ticket can be booked from anywhere.You need to take print from the originating station to travel. A paper ticket can be cancelled.

Step 5 :


After you select the type of ticket , you will be asked to enter the source and destination . number of passengers and the class(first or second) .

Click OK and your ticket will be generated. You can see your ticket by clicking on the show ticket option .


  1. if you change your handset then you need to submit a handset change request which is allowed only once in three months . So if you change your handset more than once in 3 months you won’t be able to use the app.
  2. It doesn’t send a notification when you are close to Railway tracks or stations.You will only be notified when you try to book the ticket and they ask you to be a km away .

But despite these drawbacks UTS is still a handy app for those who don’t want to waste their time standing in the queue.

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