What Is VPN ?

You might have come across this term quite often.But if you are wondering what it is keep reading because today we will be discussing about Virtual Private Network i.e VPN.


In order to understand what VPN is , one must have a basic knowledge of how Internet works. What happens behind the scenes when we actually browse on the internet ? Interested to know?

Let’s say we want to go a particular web page say google.com . So we enter the URL in the address bar of the browser . The browser then checks the DNS server for the IP address of the requested website. A DNS (Domain Name System ) is a database that stores the  IP address of all the websites. It is similar to a phone directory where the phone number is linked to the person’s name. Here the IP address is linked to the website.

If the browser finds the IP address then it initiates a connection else it returns an error saying that there is no such website.

Image result for dns server

This communication actually happens through the Internet service providers (ISP ) . Thus the ISP has a record of all the websites visited by the user and thus our privacy is under stake. Also these connections are not encrypted and thus if you are using a public wi-fi your information may be stolen .

Thus VPN plays an important role in maintaining our privacy while browsing on the internet. When the user connects to a VPN server all the communication between the user and the VPN server is encrypted and so the data is  safe. VPN also enables visiting a geographically restricted websites. How? Let’s see

When you are connected to the VPN server ISP wouldnt know that you are requesting a particular website instead it will receive the IP address of the VPN server . If you want to visit a website that has been banned in your country but available in some other country then you can do it by connecting to VPN server based on that particular country.

You can also enjoy the online freedom of speech . You can express your views against anything you feel is not right without exposing your identity.

VPN are available free as well as paid. Free VPN cannot be much relied upon as they might not assure high security. VPN is not available in some countries as terrorists may misuse being private.

So to summarise

  • VPN helps you create a secure private network
  • It helps you access the internet anonymously
  • You can set up a VPN free of cost or you can pay for it.However a free VPN is nor recommended.

Hope  you might have got some idea what Virtual Private Network is all about.

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