m-train ! Travelling made easy!!

Hey travellers!!

Looking for a train to reach your destination or need to check the seat availability. Well it is not a big deal now if you have this app the” m- train” app.

M-train has really made travelling a lot simpler.It comes with plenty of features that a train traveller could wish for.

You can download the app here

following are the feature you get in this app:


Enter your source and destination and click on search trains ,the app will give you a list of trains between those places.If you click on the Seat availability option you will get the information regarding the available seats in each train between your source and destination


Another cool feature is you can set alarm in the app so that you know that your station has arrived. So when the train reaches the station it notifies you by an alarm.You just need to press the alarm icon in the right .


Train tracking is really a very helpful feature. You get to know where your train is. So if your train is 2 hours late , you dont have to wait in the station for 2 hours.Track your train and then you can leave accordingly and m train will keep updating you where the train is.


You can check the hotels nearby the station you are in.Go to the hotels option and select your station , you will get a list of hotels near you.

These are the prominent features in the app. Some features include the help option where several helpline and other useful contact numbers are provided.

There is also a food option where the you get the IRCTC and TRAVEL KHANA contact. So if you wish to order food ,you can use these contacts.

So I hope you have found this helpful and if you feel there is any need for improvement,please feel free to comment or drop a mail at neotechsters@gmail.com.

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