How to change Aadhaar RMN and email ?

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Today we have something really informative for you. As we all know Aadhaar has become mandatory and its importance is growing day by day. So in order to take the advantage of aadhar you need to update your mobile number and email ID .

Follow these steps to update your Aadhaar registered mobile number and email ID

Step 1 : Verify your RMN and email ID

Go to the official uidai website

Under Aadhaar services you will find verify mobile number and email ID. ClIcking on that you will be asked to fill in your aadhaar number and your mobile number and email ID. After submiiting you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number .If you dont receive any OTP it means that your mobile number/email ID is not linked with your AAdhaar.

Here is a video explaining the same in hindi.

Step 2 : Downloading Form

Now to update your number you need to download a form . You can download it from here.

You need to print the form and then fill in the required information to update your mobile number and email ID. Form is simple , no need to worry,

After you fill the form follow the next step

Step 3 : Locate your nearby authorized service center

After you fill the form you need to submit it to the the authorized service center. But how do you find the authorised centers. For that you need to go to the uidai website and under Aadhaar update click on update at enrollment center.

There at the top rIght side you fill find a link to locate the authorized service center.

Enter the details of your area and you will get a list of the authorized centers in your area.

After you locate the center you will have to go through a process there that involves retina scan and bio-metric scan. After that you will get a acknowledgement which you need to keep with yourself.

Within a week you will be notified about the process completion through an sms on your mobile number.You can verify the same through the procedure mentioned in step 1.


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