Jio Giga Fibre !! 1Gbps download speed !!

Hey Guys!

I was just going through the news and I saw an article that made my has come up with something that can change your internet experience.

Jio never ceases to amaze us. Here is another surprise from Jio, Jio has marked its entry in to the broadband market with its FTTH (Fiber To The Home) services,  the  JIO GIGA FIBRE .


optical-fiber-2077976_1920.jpgSo Jio GgaFiber is Jio’s new FTTH service which is said to provide download speed upto 1 gpbs and an upload speed of 100 mbps.  This service will be available across 1100 cities from August 15.

FTTH is fiber to the home which will ensure high internet speeds. Usually the fibre is connected to an hub. From there it branches out to you via a twisted pair cable which reduces the data rates . Whereas FTTH connects the optical fibre directly to your home and thereby you will be able to enjoy high data rates.

What services does it provide ?

With Jio GigaFiber Jio not only ensures high speed internet but also provides smart home solutions. With jio GigaFiber you will get a smart router , a jio GigaTV set up box and many smart products from smart speakers to video cameras for security purposes. You will be able to manage these products using the MyJio app. The video cameras are basically security IP cameras which will send you the live footage to your smartphones.

Jio GigaTV

The new subscribers of GigaFiber will get a GigaTV Set Top Box  with the GigaFiber connection. The JioGigaTV is a 4K enabled Media Streaming Box. The STB will also have voice commands in most Indian languages.It comes with features like HD voice calling and video calling

Yes !!you heard it right !

You can call or even make video calls from TV to TV or TV to smartphones or tablet, that too using a voice command. isn’t that amazing?.But you need to subscribe to the GigaFiber connection to avail the Giga TV STB.

How and when to register ?

The registration will start from August 15 and you can register through the MyJio app or . Initially the comapny will priortize their rollout depending on the number of registration from each cities. The city with maximum registrations will get the services first.

The installation will be done free of cost .However you may need to deposit a security deposit. The plans and pricing have not been announced yet .We can expect it soon

So Jio is all set to rock the broadband market as well.As of now India is ranked 134th on the basis of the fixed line internet speed . With jio Gigafibre it is expected that India will raise a  lot higher. I am eagerly waiting for it,  what about you?

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