Do you know you’re being tracked online?

When you surf through different websites on the internet , you never know what’s actually happening behind the scenes. There might be somebody who is tracking your online activities, and you may not have any clue. Sounds scary ?


I thought of writing this blog when I realized that I was being tracked as well.I had searched for some CSS codes online for my project. Within 10 minutes I got an email regarding an online CSS course . I was like ” How did they know I wanted to learn CSS? ” .I have had similar experience several times. Have you guys experienced this before?

Well have you noticed that when you search for a product in any e-commerce website and leave it without buying . You will see various advertisements on Google, Facebook, Instagram regarding the product you had searched for.

Keep reading to know more about online tracking.

Your ISP i.e Internet Service Provider has a record of what all websites you have visited and how often do you go to a particular website. They sell these data to advertising companies and then they use these data to display specific ads.

How will this affect you ?

In order to understand how it affects the user you must know what data do they collect from the user. They actually look for your search patterns.

Search patterns include :

  1. the websites you visit
  2. How often do you visit a particular site?
  3. At what time do you prefer to visit a site?

They even know when the same user logs on to the internet from different devices.

There was an incident where the mac users where given costlier options while booking a hotel as compared to other users.  So there are chances that prices of items online will differ from user to user which is unfair.

How to protect yourself from being tracked ?

Your IP address is your  identity . So if you can hide your IP address , you can surf the internet anonymously and thus can prevent you from being tracked . But how do you hide your IP address. The solution is VPN(Virtual private network). If you don’t know about VPN please visit our previous post  What is VPN ?

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