IGTV : Instagram’s new TV app.

I love Instagram. Being a youtuber i used to use instagram for promoting my content.But the only problem I faced is the video length restrictions.You cannot upload a video longer than a minute on instagram.So I was forced to make the videos shorter specifically for instagram.

Well now the problem has been solved.We now have a new app IGTV.

Keep reading to know more about IGTV .
On Wednesday, June 20, Instagram launched IGTV, “a new app for watching long-form, vertical video,” as the company’s own announcement about the new feature put it. IGTV is basically Instagram: the extended edition

How do you get it?

IGTV is available on both android and iOS platforms.Android users can download the app from this link.It is also integrated on to the instagram app once you install it.

What is IGTV ?

IGTV has given content creators a platform to present their content in a long vertical form. It is integrated with instagram and youcan find it in the explore section at the top right corner.
Once you’re in the app, no matter how you got there, it’s extremely easy to navigate. You can choose from categories like For You, Popular and Continue Watching, or search for specific channels.

As described, IGTV has channels, much like regular television does. But anyone can start them, as I did while researching the new app.

You could make your IGTV channel resemble traditional television by creating an hour-long series and uploading videos once a week.The possibilities are endless.

So creators and those who would love to to create awesome videos , go get IGTV and showcase your skills.

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