Unorganized? Watch this!

Do you wake up every morning with no plans ?Do you just do some random things entire day and just waste it? If yes then this blog is for you!

Here I have listed top 5 apps to schedule your day and make your life more organised.


Ofcourse an app cannot change your life but it can definitely push you a step ahead and make you more organised

FocusNote.:These apps are only my suggestions.If you feel any app is better than what is mentioned then do let our readers to know about it by commenting in the comment section

So without any delay lets start

1. Google keep

Google keep is one of the best app to make daily activity notes.You can add check box archive a note and do many more things in a very organised and easy way.

Here is the playstore link:.

2.Loop- Habit tracker

This app lets you enter your activities that you wish to perform daily.Eg exercise.You can just enter the data and it will let you enter the when you did the activity and when you missed it.

Here is the link:

3. Save my time- Time tracker

Do you want someone to always remind you of your work? Do you need an assistant to ask about your activities that you have done? Then this app is for you.With some settings this app can really ask you about your activities everytime you open your screen and make a chart on daily monthly and annual basis.

Here is the link:

4. Pocket

Do you like reading blogs, news and other interesting content on web? Then this app is for you.It helps you to store all those information at one place and you can read it anytime you want! Cool isn’t it? Not only that it also reads the text for you at an adjustable speed and voice! What else do you want!

Here is the link:


Coursera provides you free and paid courses on different fields and it can be really helpful.Even though it doesn’t completely lie in this category ,this app can really make a lot of difference in your life.

Here is the link:

Few additional apps to consider:

Goal meter:

Here is the link:

Engross: Focus better

Here is the link:

So that’s all for today.Do comment if you have any other apps which can be useful.Also do comment if any of these apps help you in your life.

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