5G is here!

Do you wish to download your favourite movies in few seconds? Do you wish to see your videos without buffering? Then my friend, the wait is over…because 5G is here!!!!

What is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation telecommunication and wireless network technology, capable of handling greater data rates and network efficiency.

It works on Network slicing principle.( This topic deserved a dedicated blog and we will be soon writing on it! So stay tuned!) In its most basic form it can explained as a medium that allows multiple virtual networks to be created on a common shared physical infrastructure.


Major difference between 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G is the frequency range at which they operate.

  • 3G operates in 1.8-2.5 GHz (900 MHz to 2300 MHz in India)
  • 4G operates in 2-8 GHz (2.3-2.4 GHz for band- 40 and 800-900 MHz for band -5) in India
  • 5G operates in existing 4G band from 600 MHz to 6 GHz as well as in millimetre bands ( 24-86 GHz)

Millimeter band:

As frequency increases the wavelength decreases.Image below shows a single wavelength.As frequency increases this wavelength shortens.

When frequency is between 20GHz to 300 GHz the wavelength ranges between 1mm to 1cm.This is called millimeter band or millimeter wave.

Why 5G?
Till now the frequency we are operating at is still not sufficient to provide very high speed.Moreover as the technology is progressing we need more data.For eg : To play online games,to stream live videos etc. Hence we need something faster than 4G.

5G is better in following terms:

  • 5G has faster response time:5G has response time of 1 millisecond as compared to 45 milliseconds in case of 4G.This time is 400 time faster than, blink of the eye .
  • 2G, 3G, 4G and WiFi falls under UHF (Ultra High frequency ) range i.e from 300MHz to 3GHz range.But 5G falls under SHF (Super High Frequency ) range which ranges from 3GHz to 30GHz.This enables it to carry 100 times more data than 4G.
  • 5G standards allow for exponentially wider bands than 4G and major increases in Bandwidth.
  • 5G can handle explosive growth in IOT, online gaming and increasing number of internet users.

Whats the problem??

  • Development cost is high. Constructing new towers will be very costly. If we choose to use currently available towers of 4G, then the frequency will be restricted. This will reduce the speed available and also the Bandwidth.
  • 5G lies under SHF as already mentioned.Satellite communication too falls under same category!!!! Even this has put some restrictions on 5G Bandwidth.
  • As mentioned above, 5G falls under millimeter band category. It means that the frequency is high. However when frequency increases power decreases and vice versa.You can consider it as a thumb rule.So due to high frequency and low power the signal can get interrupted easily. The reason can even be the bad weather conditions
  • Another problem is adaptability.For example: Today most of the phones can handle only upto 4G. So to incorporate 5G one has to buy a new phone which is not possible for every common man! Hence the growth is slow. Till 2025 we can expect 49 percent people in USA to start using 5G! So this technology definitely has a slightly slow growth rate at least for few years, but after that it will grow exponentially!

Few applications:

5G technology will us help to achieve a whole new level in the field of technology and automation.Here are a few exciting applications:

  • 5G technology due to its high frequency will be able to enhance the working of self driving cars.These cars will be able to communicate among themselves at a high-speed and will be able to make better decisions with this data
  • Live surgery- Again due to high-speed data even live surgery will be possible
  • IOT 5G will be able to suffice ever-increasing demand due to IOT and internet users.
  • Self Healing machines Machines in industries will be able to communicate among themselves and will be able to take better actions to find the fault and even rectify them quickly.

These are just examples.5G has much more potential and it can cover almost every field where internet is involved!!

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog.Do comment if you have any suggestions or any queries.We appreciate your involvement.

Keep reading!

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