SplitWise – Split your money wisely

Whenever you go for a trip with your friends ,you spend a lot. It becomes really difficult track the amount everyone has contributed. Later on that leads to argument.
But wait! There is an app that can solve this issue. Splitwise!

Splitwise allows you to enter the amount spent and the number of people involved.The splitting is then taken care of by the app.

Keep reading to know more about the app.

You can use your email id or phone number to create an account on splitwise . Then you can invite your friends and add how much each one owes .

The expenditure can be split in multiple ways as shown in the image below.

You can even create group of friends with whom you regularly hangout.

There is also an option called simplify debts. So in a group if you owe your friend and your friend owes another friend say friend2.Then the app registers it as you owe friend 2.So you will have to directly pay friend rather than you paying friend1 and then friend1 paying friend2.

It does all the calculation for you.You just have to enter how much money was spent and how do you want it to be distributed.

It also has a whiteboard option where you can enter any information like any address that you need to remember or any note.

You can settle up your payment using paytm or else you can pay externally and record the payment in the app.

Splitwise has made my life easy and so will yours.

So be wise and split your money with splitwise.

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