Affiliate Marketing

When you help someone sell their product ,they give you something as reward.We call it as a commission. Similarly if you help to sell a product online you will get commission and this process is called Affiliate marketing.

So keep reading to know how you can start earning money through affiliate marketing!!!

It is possible to earn money online without much investment.That is the reason why it’s gaining a lot of popularity these days. Every one wants to be a part of online business but only a few of them sustain.But if you are dedicated and passionate then you can earn a lot through affiliate marketing and other online activities.

Affiliate marketing is just one among the many ways to earn online.However it is among the most popular way to earn online!

What exactly is Affiliate marketing?

What you will have to do is help a manufacturer sell their product by promoting it through your website.So if someone buys the product through the link provided in your website you get the commission. Higher the price of the product the more will be your commission.So if you have a website with good traffic ,you can make lot of profit through affiliate marketing.

How to start ?

To start the first thing you need is a website or a youtube channel through which you can sell products.

But to sell where do you get the products from?

E commerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart have affiliate programs. You need to register to their program to create your affiliate account and once you become an affiliate member you can create custom links of the product you wish to put on your website and then just paste it on your website

You can create

1. Short link or full link

2. image

3. text + image

Detailed process of how to create your affiliate account will be explain in a separate post.

How it works?

After being accepted into an affiliate program, marketers receive a unique URL that includes their affiliate ID. They share that unique URL with their subscribers, site visitors, and social networks via text links or ads. When someone clicks on that link, affiliate software records that click and any resulting product sales in the affiliate’s account. When commissions reach a pre-determined threshold, the affiliate is paid.

Some points to note

It is not recommended to share the URL through sms or any texting app like whatsapp.Your membership can be permanently terminated if you are found violating the affiliate policies.So it’s better to go through the policies before getting in to the affiliate market.You can find the policies in the respective e-commerce website.

So basically just by advertising different products on your website you can earn a lot . What you need is just a website with decent traffic and an affiliate account!

Hope it helped.Keep visiting!

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