Say ‘hi’ to Amazon developer!

Amazon! The name itself is sufficient and can tell you a lot! Apart from being the largest internet retailer in the world Amazon has always shown great innovation in electronics and AI.It gave us Kindle ,Fire TV and even Alexa!

However, there is one more thing about Amazon that you might not be aware of . Yes! It’s Amazon developer.

Infact many big tech giants have their own platform for developers, for eg : Facebook.It also has a platform for developers and it deserves a separate blog which will be written soon!

Amazon developers

Hey developer! This one is for you!

Amazon developer services provides a platform that allows a developer to build and sell applications on Amazon appstore.Application can be any service that can enhance Amazon services or any competitive gaming application! You can serve your application on both iOS and Android

Amazon developer services also provides different software development kits to build apps on android, iOS , fire TV, fire Tablets and even enhancement tools for Alexa.


Amazon developer services is divided into five major categories.They are as follows:

  1. Amazon Alexa: Here you can find some amazing tools which can be used in many ways.In short you can do these with this service:
  • Adding capabilities to alexa using Alexa skills kit (ASK). Know more.
  • Integrating Alexa to your device using Alexa Voice Service (AVS).You can voice control your own device using this tool. Know more.
  • Connect devices to alexa. Know more.

2. Amazon Appstore:

Here you can develop apps for fire T.V and fire Tablets and you can make user experience better using your app.You can also earn through it!

All the required tools and other details are available here.

In Amazon Appstore you can also make competitive gaming through Amazon Gameon!Download the free ebook here.

You can also get information about incorporating Amazon IAP API in your apps.All the information is available on the same page.

3. Amazon Web Services (AWS):

Here you can learn and implement tonnes of web services using Amazon tools.

Know more here.

4. Amazon software + games:

Here you can develop games for windows pc or Mac.This section is specially for the developers! Amazon makes it easier for you to reach people through the tools provided by Amazon.

Amazon digital software store helps you with promotions so that you can reach millions of customers.

Get more information here.

5. Amazon Dash services:

Here you can use two interesting tools.

  • Dash replenishment Service (DRS)
  • Virtual Dash Button Service(VDBS)

DRS can help you to improve customer satisfaction through Amazon reordering services! It can provide you following benefits

  • Reordering services
  • Amazon’s authentication and payment system
  • Easy monetisation!
  • Easy integration with few lines of code
  • Better customer satisfaction

Here customer links their account to your experience to start reordering services

VDBS on the other hand is used to display Amazon’s virtual dash button services for their customers.It gives a quick access to users and reorder products that ship with prime.

You can read details about DRS and VDBS here.
More information of DRS is available here and for VDBS is available here.

Registration and other details:

To get more details and to choose what’s right for you , please click on the link below.This is the home page where you can get all the information on Amazon developers and you can select from wide range of services available.

Hope you enjoyed reading! Do share and let others know of this amazing service and a great opportunity! Do comment if you like our content.

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