Hello readers!

We are thankful to each and every reader who invest their time to read and respond to our blogs. We are new to this beautiful journey and we wish to go a long way in this field. Your support and participation matters a lot to us!

Words are not sufficient to express our thoughts! Hence we have planned a small giveaway for our readers!

You just have to follow these simple steps to participate in this giveaway !

1. Follow our blog (Mandatory)

2.Comment which earphone you like the most on this link (Mandatory)₹

3. Like our Facebook page and do any action such as like or comment on a post (Increases your chance to win)

4. Share our Facebook page.More you share more are your chances to win!

Just search neotechsters and visit the first page on Facebook.


We have planned to give an earphone for our first giveaway. Here is the link where you can see the options!₹/

Note: You can select any earphone for giveaway

More information will be provided on email id of the winner!


We were not able to activate international transaction. Hence this giveaway won’t be international and is restricted to Indian readers.

Next giveaway will be difinitely internationally applicable as some issues will be cleared by then! Thank you for your patience!

Keep reading!!!


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