Hey guys !!

We are starting a new course on our website – Python. Python is gaining a lot of importance and popularity these days. Python has even been introduced to schools now. Such is the popularity of Python. So if you are a programmer or if you want to learn programming it is best to learn Python .It is one of the most easiest and interesting programming language till date.

Why learn Python ?

As mentioned earlier it is easy to learn and it is fun learning Python.Other than that  if you look in to the applications of Python you will be overwhelmed and will definitely love to start learning Python. So here are some fields where Python is used.

1.Machine learning

2. Web development

3. Data Science

4. Artificial Intelligence

And many more.

What to expect from the course ?

The Course will start with the basics of Python . So if you are a beginner then this course is for you . All basic syntax will be covered in the initial part. Later on the focus will be  more on an application oriented approach. Python with Anaconda will be covered in the latter part of the course . Now you need not worry about what Anaconda is . It will be explained later on.

Our course will focus more on data science using Anaconda. So at the end of the course you will have a proper overview of data science and how to use Python to make several applications like Chat bots.

So it’s going to be an interesting journey and we assure you that you will love it.

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