Getting Started with Python

Let’s get started with the installation of python !

You can check if your system already has python installed by typing the command python in your command prompt or terminal.It should display the version of python installed if python is installed an else it will throw out an error.

In order to open your command prompt , type cmd in your windows search bar aand click on command prompt.

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If you don’t have python installed in your system then  follow these steps to get it installed.


Follow these simple steps to install python

  1. You can download python from the following link
  2. Choose the version of python you want.Latest version is what I would recommend.
  3. Then just run the file and follow the installation instructions with  default settings.Make sure you check the  “Add Python 3.7 to PATH” checkbox and click on “Install Now”python
  4. After installation verify by typing python in the command prompt and it should give you the version of python installed.


Here are the simple steps to install Python on Unix/Linux machine.

  • Open a Web browser and go to
  • Follow the link to download zipped source code available for Unix/Linux.
  • Download and extract files.
  • Editing the Modules/Setup file if you want to customize some options.
  • run ./configure script
  • make
  • make install


You need to go to the website and download the Python installer:

  • Download the Mac OS X 64-bit/32-bit installer file,
  • Double click python-3.6.1-macosx10.6.pkg to run the installer.


Now you are ready to get started with python. In the next session we will discuss about the basic syntax in python which will make you realize why python is easy to learn.



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