What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing in simple terms, is the promotion of products or brands.Marketing can be done in many ways and one of the way is Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing is a type of marketing in which we use electronic media to promote products or services.It is also called online marketing, web marketing or internet marketing.Digital marketing was there from a long time but now it is the fastest growing and widely used type of marketing.

Digital marketing is a wide concept and it includes e-mail,RSS, voice broadcast, video streams ,blogging, instant messaging, pod casting and few more.

Digital marketing does not include traditional forms of marketing such as TV billboards,Banners ,radio broadcast etc.Digital marketing have instant reviews from customers and you can actually find out number of people who have actually seen your ads and also who have responded to your ads.Hence digital marketing is more versatile.

Why Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing provides you a larger scope to reach out your customer.

Let’s take an example

Suppose you have a shop which sells X item.Lets say you pick two options to promote your shop:

1. By using traditional methods such as banners, newspapers etc

2. By using digital marketing

In first case you are not aware of people who are seeing your ads.They might not be interested in products you sell.They might not be the right category of people you are searching for.For eg : Targetting men for women’s parlour! In short everything will be uncertain

While in second case you can use different digital marketing tools like adwords, Adsense , Facebook ads ,Instagram ads and many more tools to define who will be watching your ads ,their age,interests,location,time of watching ads and many more.There are many tools available which will be explained in upcoming blogs.Hence using digital marketing you can easily target more people using lesser money.

In short digital marketing provide you following advantages:

1. It makes targeting customer simple.

2. Increases you chance to hit the right customer

3. Cost reduction

4. Ease to monitor your ads.

5. Complete control of when to start and stop the ads

6. Control places where your ads will be shown

7. It helps you to control number of times same ad will be shows to the same customer.

8. Ease of customisation of ads

Apart from these there are many more parameters where digital marketing is far more better.Ofcourse there are some disadvantages but that depends on the type of product you wish to sell.

In upcoming blogs various digital marketing tools ,strategies,bidding etc will be explained

So stay tuned and keep reading!!!

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