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Following are the list of blog categories that we are writing on.

Apps  :

Here we try to introduce you to several useful apps that every smart phone user must have. So go and check it out. I bet you will love it

Digital marketing :

Digital marketing is gaining a lot of popularity and we thought we must share our knowledge on the same. It includes Affiliate marketing ,Drop Shipping and many useful ways to earn money online

Engineering :

Engineering concepts from the filed of electronics and electrical will be explained . Concepts like PCB design considerations . Power supplies , Solar technology and many interesting stuffs will be presented in simplest way possible .

Gadget Feed :

Wanna know the latest gadget on the market ? Confused on which phone to buy ? Then do check this category. Here we compare the current smart phones abd other electronic gadgets like laptop , earphones in the market .

How do I do it ? :

There are many processes and formalities that one must know as a citizen of our country like Aadhaar updation , Udhyog aadhaar registrations.So these will be covered here. Apart from these some technical hacks will also be presented, So dont miss that.

Tech-know-logy :

Curious to know how the technology around us works  ? How does Google maps know about traffic  ? What is VPN ? Discover all these in this Category

Top Tech :

Here we list the top buys on amazon/flipkart. Cool gadgets to look for in these e-commerce websites will be listed.